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Trying to accomplish it all — at times simultaneously — we often have even less time for ourselves, our friends, and our families and end up instead with more stress, which can eventually lead to health problems. Try the following tips to simplify your life for a happier, healthier you.

1. Learn to say no.

You don’t need to give a lengthy explanation for your response; a simple “I would love to, but I just don’t have the time right now” will do. Does that leave you feeling guilty? Try saying “No, but…” and offer an alternative that works better for you.

2. Create a place for everything.

Create a place for your keys — put a hook by the door, for example, or a small silver tray in the foyer — and put your shoes back in their proper place in the closet after you wear them. Do the same with those other things that always seem to vanish. Your life will run much more smoothly.

3. Pay bills automatically

Buy yourself time and energy each month by signing up for automatic bill payments. It works best with utility bills such as your cable and telephone bill, which are about the same amount every month (and therefore unlikely to cause unpleasant surprises to your bottom line). You won’t have to write checks or buy stamps, and your bills will always be paid on time. A bonus: It’s good for the environment too, because you won’t use the resources needed to mail a check

4. Stop being a slave to email.

The average person spends about seven hours a week on e-mail. Needless to say, not all of that time is spent wisely. If your job allows for it, turn off your e-mail alerts and check e-mail only a few times a day. Second, create an e-mail account that is solely for your subscriptions (such as sales notifications, frequent-flier updates, newsletters, and so on) so they won’t clutter your in-box.

5. Clean your closets

Do a clean sweep of your closet twice a year: at the start of spring and fall. Be as ruthless as possible, removing everything you haven’t worn for two years or longer. Donate old work clothes to Dress for Success or the Salvation Army. When your closet is less cluttered, you’ll spend less time searching for your skinny black pants, and getting dressed every morning will be that much easier.

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