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Bishop Larry D. Trotter confesses “It’s Nobody’s Fault but Mine”

As Bishop Larry D. Trotter sat in his seven bedroom, five bathroom, seven car garage house, he said to himself “I’m really Tired of My Life and It’s Nobody’s Fault but Mine”.  Why would the Senior Pastor of Sweet Holy Spirit Church-Chicago say this, especially with all that he established throughout his life?

According to Bishop Trotter, he had become entangled in the Public image that he meticulously created. Yes, Bishop Trotter wove his own web and fell prey to it. 

So, according to him, it was his fault that he threw away almost 10,000 a month in order to maintain an image. It was his fault that he only lived in his lavish house five days or 60 hours per month. 

During these times, Bishop Trotter would frequently say to himself, “Man if people really knew what you were dealing with on a day-to-day basis, do you think they would genuinely hearken to your ‘wise’ counsel?”

You see, in the midst of questioning his unwise decisions, Bishop also faced another blow to his life, when he was served divorce papers a few days before Father’s Day. Was this his fault too? Did he cause his marriage to fall apart? Again, as Bishop Trotter states, yes because it was “Nobody’s Fault but Mine”.

The trials that Bishop Trotter faced helped him to make wiser decisions for his life holistically. 

The father, son, husband and Pastor, Bishop Larry D. Trotter shares more of the public image that was created and shattered in the new book “Living Above See Level”.  It is the true story of struggle, stress, success and never losing faith in God and His promises.

Bishop Trotter learned some very valuable lessons and wants to provide each reader the tools to live above what they SEE no matter how bad or good the situation seems!

“There is no need for you to make the same mistakes that I’ve had to manage”

–Bishop Larry Trotter

The tools provided are revealed in various chapters of the book including,

Nobody’s Fault but Mine

Making it Through SEE Nothing Days

Larry vs. Bishop Trotter

Sending a Boy to Do a Man-sized Job

Trouble Don’t Last All Ways


“Living Above See Level” will encourage readers to take life one day at a time with God at the forefront.

Living Above See Level is available online at:


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