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After promising that the Detailed 2013 Indianapolis Budget Book would be released to the City-County Council and to the public, late Monday Mayor Greg Ballard and City Controller Jeff Spaulding pulled back on that promise. Afternoons with Amos learned that Spaulding’s office notified City-County Council officials that the full details of the 2013 City/County budget wouldn’t be released until late this week. A full two weeks after Mayor Ballard formally introduced the budget to the City-County Council on August 13. As a public service to the residents of Indianapolis/Marion County, below are the few details of the 2013 Budget that the Mayor and Controller have provided to the Council. And the Council asked that we share it with you.

SOURCES AND USES REPORT – This report for all major City/County departments shows where revenue comes from and the major categories of expenses for 2011, 2012 and proposed for 2013   Sources and Uses

COUNTY INCOME TAX – This sheet shows how the County Income Tax Dollars would be spent in 2013    Income Tax

PROPERTY TAX – This shows how much would be levied in property taxes, less the state mandated “circuit breakers” in 2013   Property Tax

TRANSFERS – This shows transfers of tax money from one designated funds to another.    Fund Transfers

CASH FLOW/FUND BALANCE – This chart shows the cash flows and fund balances of gov’t accounts for 2012 and proposed 2013.    Fund Balances

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