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“Preachers’ Daughters,” the Lifetime network docu-drama, has been airing for over one month, and now the Christian leaders featured on the show are opening up about the challenges that they faced after showcasing their lives for television cameras.

The Colemans, Koloffs and Perrys are three families with foundations in Christian ministry that have unearthed their struggles with raising adolescent daughters while staying rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ. For Pastor Mark Perry of Everyday Church in Oceano, Calif., balancing his 18-year-old daughter Olivia, her grandchild and leading his church was no easy task.

“The schedule is a lot to handle with a full time job and Olivia with her baby,” Pastor Perry admitted to The Christian Post.

Still, he insisted that the experience was worthwhile, to give families something that they could relate to while following the gospel.

“We would do it again though because it seems worth it to us. It was a great experience,” Perry said. “I just know that this is part of God’s plan for us. I’m just most excited to see what he’s going to do through the show.”

Pastor Ken Coleman of City of Refuge Pentecostal Church in Joliet, Ill. battled with his 18-year-old daughter Taylor, who made boys a priority while lying to her parents on the first episode of the show. Pastor Coleman told CP that a health issue- he had fluid around his heart, which unfolded in the show’s most recent episode- was most difficult to deal with on the show. His daughter spoke about her growth on TV being a challenge.

“The biggest challenge was becoming a woman on TV only because I was going to turn 18. People can see that I’m not going to be a teenager my whole life and going through that experience not only with my family but for all America to see that I’m changing,” Taylor told CP. “I’m becoming a woman and just my growth in that was challenging.”

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