For over a half century Dick Gregory has entertained and challenged audiences around the world.  Not just with his comedy, but with speaking truth to power. To exposing, in his view, the sins and lies and mistruths of governments and the power structure.  In a powerful, honest interview, Dick Gregory appeared on Afternoons with Amos in advance of his appearance in Indianapolis for the first time in perhaps fifty years.  In the interview Gregory talked with Amos and listeners about what really happened to Osama bin Laden, what really happened in Boston with the bombing and terrorists involved in the Boston Marathon bombings.  Dick Gregory has always spoken his mind and using humor and truth educated. In the interview Dick Gregory sharply questioned the official version of how bin Laden was killed. And what happened to the Navy Seals who participated in the raid. Gregory openly showed his skepticism of the individuals accused in the Boston bombings and questioned the official version of events. Also in the Afternoons with Amos interview, Dick Gregory challenged the notion of “community” as it describes Black community.  Gregory continued to extol and praise the hit movie Django Unchained for its depiction of “real love”, in Gregory’s words, between a Black man and Black woman and the movie’s portrayal of the reality of American slavery.  In the interview Gregory continued his criticism of filmmaker Spike Lee’s work as not uplifting African-Americans. Dick Gregory also praised the pioneering efforts of Indiana Black Expo and what it did to inspire similar events across the country.  Click the Arrow to Hear the Powerful and Unique Voice of Dick Gregory in an Interview That Speaks to the Reality and Real Truth that Exists Today. Interview Runs 52 Minutes ©2013 WTLC/Radio One.

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