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                          In a special two hour broadcast, AM1310 The Light remembered the Life and Legacy of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, known affectionately to the South African people and the world as Madiba. Amos Brown, who anchored the only live broadcast on WTLC-AM of Nelson Mandela’s 1993 visit to Indianapolis, hosted this special broadcast aling with commentator Abdul Hakim-Shabazz. Indiana Governor Mike Pence, Rep. Andre Carson, Butler and CTS Professor the Rev. Dr. Allan Boesak a longtime anti-apartheid activist in South African and longtime activist Bill Crawford were among the many guests who shared their perspectives on Mandela’s life and career. Boesak talked at length about the apartheid struggle and where his nation is going from here. Crawford explained how Mandela struggled against apartheid inspired his activism and spoke about the several times he personally met Mandela.  Both Governor Pence and Congressman Carson lauded Mandela’s ethics and what he meant for the people of South Africa, America and the world. Two IUPUI Professors, Didier Gondola and Una Osili, natives of the Congo Republic and Nigeria respectively, talked about Nelson Mandela’s impact on Africa and African nations. One focus of this special broadcast was something many in Indianapolis had forgotten. On July 10, 1993, more than three years after his release from imprisonment, Nelson Mandela visited Indiana and Indianapolis; his only visit to our city and state.  Mandela, who was touring the United States at that time, came to Indy for the 84th National Convention of the NAACP. Brown anchored live radio coverage of that event which was held in the Halls A-B-C of the Indiana Convention Center.  The Indianapolis Recorder reported that 12,000 people attended. The Indianapolis Star said it was 10,000.  Amos talked with former Indianapolis Star Kim Hooper who covered Mandela’s visit for the newspaper. Her front page story documented the historic visit and she told Amos and Abdul that the Mandela visit marked the first time a major “world figure” had visited Indianapolis. You can see that historic Star front page with a large photo of a smiling Nelson Mandela with them NAACP National President Ben Chavis on this post page. In the July 17, 1993 Indianapolis Recorder, Nelson Mandela is quoted as saying that, “To attend a convention for the NAACP is for us a homecoming We are here today not as guests but as comrades in arms”. Besides drumming up support for his country and movement, Mandela was in Indy 20 years ago to receive the NAACP’s highest honor, the Springarn Medal, which had been awarded him eight years earlier, but he couldn’t accept because of his then imprisonment. The Recorder said during his Indianapolis speech, Mandela stressed both the NAACP and the ANC as well as other organization have long fought for the battle of equality of Black people everywhere. To NAACP delegates and the thousands of Hoosiers hearing him, Mandela discussed the his nation’s forthcoming elections, “The results they (elections) produce must be a genuine and correct reflection of the feelings of the people of our country. They must inspire such confidence that their outcome is accepted by both South Africans and the rest of the world as legitimate”.  And while in Indy Mandela outline what was at stake twenty years ago, “Our common struggle for the term9ination of the apartheid crimes against humanity and the transformation of South Africa into a united democratic multiracial and nonsexist country has reached a decisive point”. Adding that Democracy must be triumphant over racism and sexism to achieve that goal. Click the Arrow To Hear Amos’ Special Broadcast On Nelson Mandela’s Life & Legacy and Mandela’s Indianapolis Connection. ©2013 WTLC/Radio One. Part 1 Runs 57 Minutes.   Part 2 Runs 36 Minutes.