90101205Last Saturday (Feb 1st), a 13 year old boy attending a birthday part in a house in a relatively crime free Indianapolis neighborhood,  just northwest of 38th and Kessler Blvd, was gravelly wounded in a another random act of violence in Indianapolis.  An estimated 100 young people were attending this party in a neighborhood of well kept single family homes in the 3400 block of Aylesford Lane in southwestern Washington Township. The mom of that 13 year old talked to me live on Afternoons with Amos to make an impassioned plea for anyone with information about the shooting of her young son to call CrimeStoppers at 317 262-TIPS (8477). In the emotional, gut wrenching interview, the mom who identified herself as “Deandra” told how reluctant she had been to let her son attend the party, accompanied by a relative.  But she relented of her fears.  The mom told listeners and I that she was a “nervous wreck” about letting him attend.  She told me that she’s had texted a friend’s daughter who was with her son asking how the party was going.  “Fine” was the text reply.  And then minutes later the worried mother got the call that all mothers and parents fear. “Deandra” was overcome by emotion as she appealed for the community’s help to encourage those with information to come forward. I was overcome by emotion as a grandfather whose been confronted with those decisions as my granddaughter went through her teen years.  My emotion turned to anger and a fevered cry for the community to come forward with information.  Click the Arrow to Hear A Moment’s Plea, A Mother’s Anguish, A Mothers Call for Help. And then DO SOMETHING TO HELP! Runs 8 Minutes ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.

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