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  Could This A Bully Move By Some Folks In The Legislative Body To Get Three Township Fire Departments. According To Indy Star dot com, There is a move that would take out Three Of Our Local Fire Departments And Move Under Indianapolis Fire Department Control.  Those Three Are Wayne, Decatur And Pike Township Fire Departments To Come Under Control of The IFD,  But What There’s More,  It Would Needed To Be Okay By……Wait For It,  Indianapolis City County Council And The Mayor If Indianapolis, And The Fire Departments Would Have NO Say In This It Would Just Be A Take Over, No Questions Asked.  This Would Only Take Effect If This Would Pass Thru The Indiana House.

Some Of The Fire Departments And The Folks That Live In The Township Area’s Think There “Township” Fire departments Are Better Than IFD. So What Is Next For The Town Ship Folks….Only Time Will Tell If This Will Pass Or Not!

Good Luck Township Fire Departments, “Five other township departments have merged with IFD since 2007, but they joined voluntarily”  So Could This Be Next On The Table For The Mayor And The City County Council Of The City Of Indianapolis….And The Other Question Is Who Much Will This Coast Us Tax Payers In The Long Run?  Again Good Luck To The “Township” Fire Departments.