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103060413It’s a Special Edition of Afternoons with Amos on a subject I’ve never done in twenty years of talk show in Indianapolis. Mental Health!  It’s a subject people don’t like to talk about, especially in African-American communities.  But the incidence of mental health disease and disorders amongAfrican-Americans, young, adults and seniors is growing.  There’s a connection between mental illness and crime.  There’s a connection between student diagnoses with ADHD and mental health.  But for many in the African-American community, there’s deep misunderstanding or no understanding of mental health – what it is, how its treated, who treats it, diversity among professionals who treat mental health and work with persons with mental health issues.  To break down those barriers and myths, Afternoons with Amos devoted an entire program to exploring mental health in Indianapolis. What it is and what help is available for the community.  Different aspects of mental health were discussed including treatment for senior citizens, youth, teens, those suffering from depression, addiction, stress.  Children with behavioral problems and learning problems.  Suicide and the scourge of rising additions like heroin. Individuals from Eskenazi Health’s Midtown Mental Health Center appeared on the program to answer l explain mental health from a number of different aspects, and answer listeners and the communities questions and concerns.  Appearing on the program were: Margie Payne, CEO, Eskenazi Health Midtown Community Mental Health; Psychiatrist Dr. Jean Dickens, Rebekah Bricker, Allison White, Gene Ford, Aarika Anderson and Kelly Rounds. The information brought by the panel on the program will answer many of your questions about mental health and mental health issues.  The program also features information on where you can go to obtain mental health services and treatment. Click the Arrows to hear this Groundbreaking Special Afternoons with Amos. Everything You Wanted or Needed To Know About Mental Health in Indy. ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.  Part 1 Runs 63 Minutes.  Part 2 Runs 32 Minutes.