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Leaders of the Democratic majority in Indianapolis’ City-County Council slammed Mayor Greg Ballard’s 2014 State of the City Speech.  Appearing on Afternoons with Amos, Council President Maggie Lewis, Vice-President John Barth and Majority Leader Monroe Gray assailed Ballard for a speech with plenty of platitudes but no solutions to Indianapolis’ pressing problems.  Council President Lewis blasted the Mayor for taking in the credit in the speech for hiring 80 new police officers, pointing out that his original 2014 budget didn’t include the money for the officers. “The Council provided the Mayor the money to hire the officers”, said Lewis.  Vice-President Barth assailed the Mayor for a the lack of a coherent plan to deal with providing jobs, development in Indy neighborhoods other than downtown. Majority Leader Gray complained that the City’s efforts to repair streets was insufficient with many streets that have been repaired with the millions from the sale of the Water Company are now showing severe wear with plenty of potholes. President Lewis condemned the attitude of Republican Council members for their stonewalling on providing documents for the Council to investigate the odd leasing of the troubled Public Safety Regional Operations Center. All three Council leaders were skeptical of Ballard’s statement in his speech that he would “soon” announce a plan to reduce Black-on-Black violence.  The three Democratic leaders assailed Ballard for not having a any plan while violence has increased in neighborhoods.  Listeners called with complaints about the growing number of potholes and a lack of attention to their areas.  Click the Arrow to hear Amos’ Interview with The City-County Council Leaders. Runs 53 Minutes ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.