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Rep. Brooks in studio with Rev. Dr. Melvin Girton (L)

Indiana 5th District Congresswoman Susan Brooks stopped by Afternoons with Amos  at the start of Congress’ two week Easter recess. Jobs and economy were on Rep. Brooks mind as she talked about her efforts to help improve job prospects among agriculture in her district. Even though Brooks’ district represents the northern 20% of Marion County and Urban Hamilton and Madison Counties, Brooks said there’s lots of agriculture in the district. And that high tech jobs in agriculture are jobs that folks in cities like Indianapolis could obtain. On the Affordable Care Act, Brooks had no comment on the resignation of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. Brooks though reiterated her position that there needed to be massive changes to the health care law, citing scores of people who can’t afford the new insurance plans or have had their full time hours cut to part time by employers trying to reduce health care costs. Rep. Brooks commented on the House passing the budget for 2015 proposed by House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan, a budget that’s been strongly criticized for cuts in programs that benefit poor and working class people.  Brooks defended the cuts saying there was too much waste and fraud in government programs.  She defended Ryan who visited a Black church in Indy this month, but didn’t make himself available to media. On the issue of crime and violence, Brooks said while Federal efforts to reduce the flow of illegal guns and drugs should continue, it shouldn’t be at the expense of reducing dollars for Homeland Security Efforts. During the interview, Rep. Brooks paid tribute to the Rev. Dr. Melvin Girton who is celebrating his 50th Year in Ministry later in April. Click the Arrow to Hear Amos’ Interview with Rep. Susan Brooks. Runs 19 Minutes Copyright 2014 WTLC/Radio One. 

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