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Indy Potholes

Potholes and Chuckholes have INVADED Indianapolis. That what it feels like to thousands of Indianapolis residents. On Afternoons with Amos listeners flooded the program with descriptions of areas of the city where potholes and chuckholes have become serious traffic and human safety issues. Scores of locations were given over the air, in e-mails, Twitter and text messages. Listeners expressed their frustration and anger that their taxes don’t seem to be going to repair these problems that cause serious damages to vehicles and hundreds of unplanned dollars spent by taxpayers to repair their vehicles. Below you can hear listeners describe the potholes they encounter on the way to work, school, shopping and their frustration at the failure of government to deal with the problem.

Indy Potholes

Afternoons with Amos documented the numerous locations listeners said contained serious pothole problems. They’re located all over the city/county: POTHOLE PROBLEMS:  30th St from Keystone to College; West 56th St from Eagle Creek Reservoir to Raceway Rd; Intersection of 45th and Kenmore; 46th St from Arlington to Shadeland; Kenmore from 45th to 46th; Kenwood from 34th to 38th; 34th and Illinois and up to 35th.

East 32nd from Washington Park to Sherman Drive; 30th St from Delaware to Meridian; 30th St from Keystone to Baltimore; Caroline from 34th to 38th; Roosevelt Ave from 16th to 25th; Sinkhole on Twin Oaks Drive from Shadeland east towards Kingston Square Apartments; College from 38th to 42nd; German Church Road from 38th to 56th; 56th from German Church to Hancock County; Millersville Rd from 46th to Keystone; Keystone from Millersville to 46th; West 86th from Ditch to Township Line.

38th from Forest Manor to Sherman Dr; 42nd from Post Road to Downes Dr; 39th & Kramer Court; 38th and the Monon Trail; Hawthorne Lane from 32nd to 34th; Roosevelt from 16th to Massachusetts; 46th from College to Central; CAVE-IN at 38th and Georgetown Road in N bound right-hand lane; Annette Street from 25th to 26th; 28th & Boulevard Place and 29th & Kenwood; Southbound Meridian at 30th.

Indy Potholes

Eastbound turn onto 38th from Fall Creek; Sherman Dr from 38th to 46th; Harding from 25th to Bursdal Pkwy; Payne Rd from 79th to 86th; I-65 South to I-70 East ramp downtown; Sherman Dr railroad underpass just south of Washington St; Carvel from Kessler Blvd to 62nd

Forest Manor from 38th to 42nd.

Intersection 38th & Sherman Dr going North; 82nd St between Allisonville and Shadeland; 21st St, 71st Street, Harcourt, Georgetown Roads; Kessler Blvd. from 16th to 56th; West 16th from Lafayette Rd to Sharon; Fall Creek Parkway from MLK to Central; Rural St from East Washington to the railroad underpass (underpass abutments also deteriorating); 34th and Richardt; Intersection 30th & Post Road; Intersection 79th and Fall Creek; Westbound 56th Street over Fall Creek near Cathedral HS; Meadows Drive from 38th to the Avondale Meadows School; 400 block East 25th; Westbound 30th between College and Illinois (all 3 lanes)

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