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City of Indianapolis Freedom Fleet Car

The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST for Wednesday, May 20, 2015. (Located At 02:30 Mark Of Media Player) Strong reaction from listeners along with a Democratic City-County Councilman and the Council’s Fiscal Analyst to the Tuesday Afternoons with Amos interview with the City explaining their 7 year $32 million dollar deal to manage a fleet of electric and electric hybrid cars called the Indianapolis Freedom Fleet.

Councilman Joe Simpson

Councilman Joe Simpson

Councilman Joe Simpson was joined by Council Fiscal Analyst Bart Brown to explain why the deal concerned members of the Council in both parties.  Simpson and Brown strongly believe the deal may have broken state laws governing how local governments are to to business.  They feel procurement laws and rules were broken.  Bart Brown said conversations with Ballard Administration officials to explain their plans for the Freedom Fleet always talked about leasing.  Not a Services Agreement that the City now claims they have. Bart Brown feels the City already had a fleet services or motor pool type of operation that had been going on since the days of the Hudnut Administration.  Both Brown and Simpson were disturbed that the City and the vendor Vision Fleet had no apparent plans to include minority-owned businesses in their contract and arrangements.  Concerns were also expressed about Vision Fleet’s lack of transparency as Afternoons with Amos raised the issue that of sixteen Vision Fleet employees, none are African-American.  Listeners’ reaction to the deal with swift and harsh, many believing the City’s deal was crooked and unethical.  (Located At 44:23 Mark Of Media Player) Callers included Jerry Stewart, President of the union representing City employees who work in Fleet Services who blasted the deal. (Located At 56:22 Mark Of Media Player) Also on the program, Tyrelle Collins and Michael Falker, members of Omega Phi Psi Fraternity appeared to ask the community for help in finding the individual responsible for the hit and run accident that killed Jonathan Macklin, a prospective Omega member who was killed while driving his motorcycle on Pendleton Pike at the Esquire Plaza Center at 10:30pm on Sunday, May 10th. Falker and Collins said a reward fund for Macklin has been set up at Chase Bank locations. people can go and donate to the Jonathan Macklin Reward Fund.  People with information bout the tragic hit and run can call Crimestoppers at 262-TIPS (8477).

David Letterman

(Located At 36:15 Mark Of Media Player) Finally with David Letterman’s final Late Night program Wednesday, Amos, a veteran broadcaster himself, put Letterman’s career in perspective. Including wondering that since David Letterman was a student who struggled in college would, with the more restricted requirements college entrance requirements, would Letterman have been able to attend his beloved Ball State today? The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST for May 20,2015 Runs 98 Minutes ©2015 WTLC/Radio One. PODCAST Begins After Brief Video Ad.