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Chuck Brewer

GOP Mayor Candidate Chuck Brewer

The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For Friday June 26, 2015. In his first extended, hourlong media interview, the Republican candidate for Indianapolis Mayor, Chuck Brewer, appeared on Afternoons with Amos.  It’s was the first opportunity for many in Indianapolis’ African-American to hear directly from Brewer who he is and why he’s running to become the 49th Mayor of the country’s 11th largest city. In the interview Brewer talked about his life, born in New York City, his family moved to Connecticut in the 1970’s “because of the schools”, Brewer said.  After graduating college Brewer joined the Marines through OCS. Brewer said his grandfather served in the Marines in World War I and his uncle served in Vietnam.  From there he went to graduate school at Northwestern University’s School of Business and got his MBA (Brewer also has undergraduate degree from University North Carolina/Greensboro and a graduate degree from Harvard). Brewer worked for Sears at their corporate headquarters for several years, in between serving two tours in Iraq as a Marine Captain and Major leading groups of some 500 soldiers in combat and intelligence duties. Chuck Brewer moved to Indianapolis “five years ago” to open a business as the first franchisee of a popular Chicago-based restaurant chain called Potbelly’s. Brewer’s store is on the Circle and he also owns a soup shop right off the Circle.  It’s his experience as a businessman and veteran, seeing Indianapolis through a fresh perspective, that led him to run for Mayor, Brewer told Afternoons with Amos listeners.

Chuck Brewer Platform

 Chuck Brewer’s Envision Indy Platform

Brewer’s come up with four broad areas he wants to focus on if elected Mayor – neighborhoods – Liveability – Public Safety – Opportunity. Brewer calls it Envision Indy.  In the interview he talked about those issues and his proposals on education, jobs, economic development and neighborhoods.  On the subject of jobs as one who owns a retail businesses, Brewer says that retail businesses, small businesses like his, can be the driver of jobs in neighborhoods to help bring unemployment down.  Brewer has proposed a Council of CEO’s to advise him as Mayor on workforce issues.  He says there’s a serious disconnect between those seeking jobs and the qualifications and skills necessary. Brewer was asked directly what does he know about Indianapolis’ African-American community.

Chuck Brewer and Amos

Chuck Brewer in Studio With Amos

Brewer admitted there’s things he still has to learn but pledges that he would be open and collaborative with the Black community.  Asked about the present Mayor’s position of not meeting with key Black groups like the NAACP, or ministers who disagree with him, never giving an interview to the 120-year-old Indianapolis Recorder, Chuck Brewer said that would not be his style.  On crime, while Brewer hasn’t yet released his platform, he indicated crime was a major issue. Brewer also said he’d learned a lot when riding with police officers. But Brewer was non-committal when asked his policy of releasing video of controversial police shooting involving residents. On the issue of second chances for ex-offenders and reentry efforts, Brewer said that his two Indy businesses hire ex-offenders.  He described their work for him in laudatory terms. Brewer pledged that this would not be his only appearance on Afternoons with Amos and he also said he would be open to a Mayoral debate involving the city’s Black media outlets aired on AM 1310 The Light. Click Here for More Information on Chuck Brewer’s campaign: CHUCK BREWER FOR MAYOR WEBSITE .

IUPUI Chancellor Nasser Paydar

IUPUI Chancellor-select Nasser Paydar / Supplied by IUPUI

(Interview Starts At 03:21 Mark On PODCAST Media Player) Nasser Paydar is the new Chancellor of IUPUI, the largest university in the Indianapolis area. Appearing on Afternoons with Amos, Paydar talked about the opportunities and challenges facing IUPUI today.  Paydar talked about the addition of new on campus dorms, but said 90% of the schools students still live off campus or commute from home within the Indianapolis area.  Paydar, was IUPUI’s current Executive Vice-Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer. An Indiana University faculty member for nearly 30 years, Paydar has been an mechanical engineering professor, was a top administrator at the IU/Purdue campus in Columbus Indiana and headed IU in Richmond.. When he assumes his duties mid-August, Nasser Payday will become IUPUI’s fifth Chancellor.   (Interview/Testimoney Begins At 22:59 Mark On PODCAST Media Player). Terry McFadden-Solomon is a songwriter, author, playwright and a Minister of the Gospel.  God called her after she literally hit rock bottom with her life; in debt, widowed, living a life without hope.  Solomon used her journey of Faith and redemption and turned it into a book The Fallen Stone. She visited Indianapolis to speak at the 7th Anniversary of New Season Christian Church. She shared her personal testimony of loss, lost hope then redemption with Afternoons with Amos Listeners.  And compelling interview you MUST hear.  The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST for Friday, June 26, 2015 Runs 97 Minutes ©2015 WTLC/Radio One. PODCAST Begins After Brief Video Ad.