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Community Connection Monday June 22nd


Thanks to Steve Jefferson for hosting today’s show!


Face Down and Rise Up – Prayer March Series

TODAY – Monday June 22nd at 6:00 PM

***All Ages Welcome***

Marching around Monument Circle in Indy Toda, travailing and praying for our nation and our world.

1 Monument Circle, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Free Parking & Shuttle Service

Phone Guest:

Barbera Golder – First Lady at Temple of Praise Assembly


“Driving while using a cellphone will soon be against the law in Indiana. “

Mayor Andy Cook of Westfield joins us live on Community Connection to speak on House Bill 1070, which involves a new policy on Distracted Driving.

“The law, effective on July 1, prohibits motorists from holding or using a cellphone while operating a motor vehicle unless they use hands-free technology such as Bluetooth or a cradle, or need to call 911 in an emergency situation. Anyone caught by law enforcement committing this violation faces a Class C infraction with fines of up to $500. “

Phone Guest:

Mayor Andy Cook of Westfield Indiana

Article referenced below:…/531-2627d27c-8f1d-4277-80f5-a22a0743…


Ricky Kinartail (The Voice Behind Your Passion) joined us to speak on his experience of a Black Lives Matter Protest held in Whitestown Indiana.

What did this look like?

How was it different?

Phone Guest:

Ricky Kinartail


Councillor Maggie Lewis and others proposed a new proposal from the City County Council to make Indianapolis a better place for African American Males.

Reestablishing the Indianapolis Commission for African American Males.

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