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Many have quit their jobs to start their path to entrepreneurship. The media and business leaders call it the “Great Resignation.” While others have taken the leap, there is a great fear for some over a potential recession and lack of knowledge. Shaundra Dineen, known to us as Coach Shaun D. is a veteran Workforce Development coach, and an award-winning motivational speaker and podcaster. Coach stops by the Get Up! Church to give tips on how to start a business in the current market.


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Read Coach Shaun D’s interview with Erica and GRIFF below!

ERICA CAMPBELL: All right. So let’s jump right in, considering the state of our economy is now a good time to start a business.

COACH SHAUN D: Absolutely, now’s a good time to start a business. And we’re still in the middle of the great resignation, where one in five workers are leaving their current employer to pursue entrepreneurship or to pursue other avenues. So yes, the time is right for business.

ERICA: Now, I know you got some tips on how to successfully move forward in starting a business in this market. So let’s get into it. Tip number one is?

COACH SHAUN D: Yeah, first, “acknowledge what you’re afraid of.” You mentioned in the introduction, that the market or the time that we’re in right now to be fearful, it could create anxiety. We’re looking at gas prices go up, food prices go up. But don’t be moved by what you’re seeing in the media and on social media. If entrepreneurship or starting a business is what you want to do, move forward with that. Acknowledge what you are most afraid of, and then build a strategy to oppose that. You know, we only miss the opportunities that we don’t take. So now is the time to shoot your shot.

ERICA: Yeah. Tip number two is?

COACH SHAUN D: “Network, network, network.” Here’s my three R’s for networking: “Reach high.” So find someone that’s already in the position that you’re seeking to be in. If you’re looking to start a business, find someone who’s doing that successfully, and reach high, then “reach out.” Communicate with that person via email, social media. That’s what the inbox should be used for y’all in the DM, read. And then “reach in.” Go inward, and make sure that you have mentally prepared yourself for the journey of entrepreneurship. It takes strong courage and confidence to step out and do what you know in your heart you’re created to do.

ERICA: I love that. I love that. All right, tip number three is?

COACH SHAUN D: “Always keep your skills relevant and your license current.” I call it “AIM”. We’re always improving our minds. So your skill set, there’s so many virtual opportunities out there right now. eCornell is a great resource for entrepreneurs, especially for female entrepreneurs. There’s a women’s entrepreneurship program that’s offered through eCornell through a grant from Bank of America, so that means that it’s absolutely free. It is a 12-week intensive. So there are options and resources out there to keep your skills relevant or to improve your skills. And then always keep your license current. Real Estate market is hot right now. So license such as real estate, nursing, any professional type license, make sure they’re current, and so that you can move into that if you need to.

ERICA: I love it. I love it.

GRIFF: The Last one. Erica Campbell wrote a song about staying positive!

COACH SHAUN D: I love it, I love it. I love it absolutely “stay positive.” You know, the people that we surround ourselves with, really paint the narrative of our outcome. So if you are in a negative place, or if you have negative people around you, you can’t remain positive. So watch the people that you’re surrounding with, I always say grow ditch a circle, right? Make sure that the people around you are building you up, that you are maintaining positivity, because at this time we cannot afford to be negative. We cannot afford to take negative into our energy. We have to stay positive so that we can move forward.

ERICA: I love that we are talking to workforce development coach Shaun D. You can follow her on social media at @lifecoachshaund.




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