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Christians have a lot that they can be frustrated about these days. Many churches are in a re-invention season, church leadership has its hands full, the desire to read scripture is challenged by the gap in understanding, as well as the challenge of finding other believers who aren’t spooky or aloof to real life and living, among other things. And all of this doesn’t match the personal, day-to-day realities that the average believer faces. Beyond the realities of spiritual warfare, the duties of full-time work, full-time family, full-time financial issues, full-time to-do list, full-time goals, full-time dreams, full-time emotional and mental management, and on and on, many Christians are simply frustrated.

The good news is that there is hope and a bright side to all of this. As believers we’ve not been left without a solution to the challenges of life. It sounds so very simple to share it, but it’s even more powerful to embrace it. The solution could sound like a quickly thrown out colloquial phrase around religious circles that makes one feel good in the moment, but doesn’t have a long-lasting transformation in the life of the person. Its sound cute, but if engaged – the solution is refreshing, life-giving, and fulfilling. The solution is this – we are not expected to live and manage our lives on our own.

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article courtesy of Christopher J Harris

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