On the campaign trail before the election, Trump’s slogan for African-Americans has been, “What do you have to lose?”  It’s the mantra he repeated over and over again while proclaiming that black people live in poverty in neighborhoods that are more dangerous than war zones.  According to the now president-elect, black people have horrible educations […]

Indy Connect will host several public lunchtime meetings starting Tuesday, to discuss the Marion County Transit Plan. In November, Marion County voters will decide on a $0.25 tax increase for every $100 of income, in order to fund the transit plan. If voters approve the tax hike, Indy Connect says riders will see a 70 […]

Are you owed unclaimed funds? INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – More than $430 million is waiting to be claimed in Indiana. $36 million dollars has already been claimed in the state this year. How do you find out if you have cash? It’s easy. Click here, and start by entering your name. To read more….. http://www.wthr.com/article/are-you-owed-unclaimed-funds-in-indiana

@kwellscomm PraiseIndy.com News & Sports Political Updates, The Death of Pastor Mike Jones, Back-to-School and the Dropping of Charges Against Officers in the Death of Freddie Gray Capture Our Attention on this ‘Hump Day.’ Today is “Day Three” of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. President Barack Obama is on-tap to headline tonight’s speakers. At “Day […]